22 de febrero de 2011

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    Merche Grosso: If your taste runs more Euro-modern, you may just fall in love with the images pinned by Madrid-based textile and graphic designer Merche Degrosso. You certainly won’t be alone – she has over 874,000 Pinterest fans following her eclectic posts. With over 7,000 pins ranging from apparel to home design, cute animals to food, you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy. Even if you aren’t attracted by her art, she has compiled a board called “Most Followed Pinterest Users” detailing over 50 of the most followed pinners in art, design, health, travel, and more. Save yourself some time tracking down the Pinterest trendsetters – they’re here!

    Read more: http://galtime.com/article/beauty/42454/36710/top-pinterest-pages-polish-your-style#ixzz22Eay5TfK

  2. We are a pretzel bakery and I am looking for packaging ideas for our cases of 25 pretzels per box. I found you on pinterest and appreciate your interests and work. I thought you would have some great suggestions for our boxes.


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